OTC trading

made simple, fast and secure

*In partnership with Hodl Hodl exchange

Our services

Fiat & BTC/LTC
Escrow Services

Tenbagger helps investors move money from traditional fiat currency into cryptocurrency via secure, private transactions facilitated through flexible distribution of escrow accounts.

trading desk

Our in-house traders will faciliate purchase of bigger lots without moving market price by carefully building smaller positions.

Cryptocurrency OTC
Buy & Sell

In partnership with Hodl Hodl exchange we developed our OTC trading desk to perform secure execution of high volume deals for private traders seeking to buy or sell cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on the RFQ (request for quotation) basis. We support BTC, ETH, XMR, ZEC, BCH, LTC, NEO and other digital assets.

Why choose OTC with TENBAGGER?

Fast settlement

OTC trades settled same-day.

Low fees

Flat rate fees per transaction. No crypto withdrawal fees.

Escrow Services

Protects both the buyer and the seller by holding the funds until the seller has reached their targets and deliverables.

Personal trading support

Work privately with one of our experienced traders straight through settlement.

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